Some words on the trilogy reviews, or ‘What the fuck is Plath?’


Over the years, through our trilogy watching, we have coined some phrases to help us explain, categorise, and analyse the films and characters. Basically, there are some in-jokes to explain.

The most important of these terms is Plath. While clearly a reference to renowned literary figure Sylvia Plath, the term “plath” has nothing ostensibly to do with her. We came up with using the word “plath” while writing silly songs and going through Ed’s bookcase. The Bell Jar was picked out, a silly song written about it, and the term just stuck. We use it to describe something funny, but perhaps overlooked: a minor character, an important recurring theme, or inanimate object that the creators of the film probably didn’t intend to be vital to the story, but just is. It is also a strange continuation of the word “random”, but obviously not as annoying. And, of course, far better. Or far more “plath” as it were. Plath is an adjective that fills a hole, and while a little difficult to pin down, we’re sure you’ll pick it up. Or, indeed, plath it up.

Good, glad you’re still with us.

Next, Neutral. This one is actually a word. Obviously. We use this for characters who are often important but really leave us cold. Good examples: Luke Skywalker, Neo, Sarah Harding in The Lost World. They often have arbitrary numbers on this incomplete and incoherent list.

Finally – Shit. These are characters who annoy us – occasionally flawed, but often with grating personalities. For example: Jar Jar Binks, Paulie from Rocky, Daniel LaRusso (i.e. The Karate Kid) in The Karate Kid. Sometimes these characters redeem themselves through the trilogy, sometimes not. Most often not.

At the end of each film of the trilogy we will do the Plath/Neutral/Shit lists, and then have an overall list for the entire series.

Other than that, these will be pretty standard reviews.



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