The Second Guy: The Life and Death of Colonel Dan

Hi. You know Dan who was mentioned several times in Ed’s introductory post? Well, that’s me. Hi.

While my very good friend Ed is planning on doing the reviewing albums side of Shuffle Critic, I am undertaking the filmic (intentionally terrible use of a terrible word there) equivalent. That is not to say potential inter-collaborations and inter-er…thoughts can’t and won’t happen, of course. Which is precisely what we will be doing in the third “Trilogy” section of the blog (we do go on!), where we will review/provide analysis for specific film trilogies.

So, back to me. I love music (as you may already know), film (this is fairly obvious by now), tennis (not quite so obvious) and games of various types (who doesn’t? (apart from people who don’t like games)). And… yep. That’s me in a nutshell/a list of my four main interests. In all honesty, you’ll probably learn more about me in the reviews I write than anything I can specifically compose autobiographically – so there we have it.


(I will leave you with this:)


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